What you did not know about the botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is widely known in society as wrinkles comparing the product, which is used to stop the time and to return the youth face.However, little is known about the medical use of botulinum - it helps stroke experienced people to improve the quality of life, as well as facilitate the children suffering from cerebral palsy, movement. So, it is considered a luxury product botulinum toxin serves not only the beauty but also health.

Botulinum toxin is a protein naturally present in certain bacteria. It was discovered and first attempted to use the war as a biological weapon, but its failure to spread, at that time called "sausage poison" was to begin re-tested in order to use them in medicine. If it is shown that botulinum is an effective and well-tolerated, 1980. This product was used for human therapy. And for more than 30 years it successfully to treat muscle spasms, migraine, increased sweating, with improved quality of life.

"Everyone knows botulinum as a means of wrinkles, but it is the first drug that helps improve post-stroke condition, some people experience muscle spasticity, as well as it treats and alleviates neurological disorders - children with cerebral palsy, dystonia, eyelid spasm - symptoms. Botulinum helps and sweating, and not the product seen as the beauty injections ", - says Doctor, doctor dermatologist Ruth Gancevičienė.

Botulinum antiperspirant

Especially profuse sweating indicate disease - hyperhidrosis, even when the rest of a person sweating heavily. International Society of hyperhydrosis available data, almost 3 percent. people around the world suffer from increased perspiration. Sweating occurs in various parts of the body, causing not only discomfort, but also a number of psychological effects. Sweating treatment with botulinum is fast and well tolerated procedure, small amounts being injected under the skin in problem areas. The injection minimizes the amount of sweat released in a place which has been delivered. The procedure is painless, užtrunkanti to 15 minutes, and the effects are already in a week, but such a procedure correctly and professionally can be performed only by a doctor.

Eyelid spasms

Sometimes people flare up eyelid twitching, which can lead to overwork, coffee consumption and long work at the computer. However, if you suffer from eye twitching for a long time if they become frequent and uncontrollable, it can mean that a person has developed one of the forms of dystonia - blepharospasm. Blepharospasm is the second incidence of localized dystonia, which causes involuntary užsimerkimą. The disease arising from disorders aggravated by seeing, reading, being able to open their eyes and see a normal person becomes nebesavarankiškas, due to a strong deterioration in the quality of life. Botulinum toxin injections relax the muscles vibrating, so the situation improves product launch.

Adult post-stroke arm spasticity treatment

Stroke almost the most common cause of adult disability. About 50-70 per cent. patients Suffers a stroke, are disabled by their manifestation of muscle paralysis or spasticity. Botulinum toxin used to treat post-stroke arm spasticity - increased muscle stiffness in the hands, which many patients develop a stroke or head or spinal injuries. Tight muscles severely limit a person's life, interfere with normal arm movement, which raises a number of difficulties in daily work. Botulinum toxin relaxes tense muscles, while alleviating the pain, so the patient can move around more freely, his quality of life improves. After injection of the injection, the impact can be felt in a few weeks.

Children with cerebral palsy treatment

Botulinum toxin is used in treatment of pediatric cerebral paralysis. In a world with this drug to treat paralysis for more than 20 years, and Lithuania - from the year 2000, you notice its positive effects - Botulinum injections started to compensate. In the separate administration of botulinum muscles, muscle released, decreasing the tension and tone, and facilitate the movement of the child and the parents - child care. Such simple procedure delays, and in some cases a whole helps to avoid surgery.Although botulinum cure for cerebral palsy, but makes it easy for the child's quality of life. Medications may be given to child neurologist.


Torticollis can be both congenital and acquired. This involuntary neck muscle spasms, causing the head rotation, tilt to the side. Identify the true cause of dystonia is very difficult, but can be influenced by the birth trauma, or permanent tension, muscle injury. Spasmodic torticollis usually develops after the age of 40 to devote years of life, or is determined at birth. This disease can complicate sergačiojo everyday because experiencing persistent muscle spasms of the neck becomes difficult to drive, write. The botulinum toxin blocks of muscle in which the administered injections, activity, and spasms and muscle contraction is very limited.

All these diseases lead to physical and psychological ailments, reduces social activity, significantly worsens the quality of life. The medical advice and treatment of a variety can help even the most serious patients, at least in part by facilitating their daily routine.

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