STOPPOT Duo powder 30g


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  • STOPPOT duo is a specialized preparation that removes excessive sweating of feet in a quick and effective way. Its use boils down to one-time gossiping for 6-8 hours.

The effect of this treatment usually lasts for many months, usually it is enough to repeat it 1-2 times a year. The efficacy and safety of the preparation has been confirmed by clinical studies.

STOPPOT has been subjected to clinical trials, which confirmed its high effectiveness and safety of use. Additionally, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense, questionnaire studies on the effectiveness of the preparation among soldiers in one of the military units were carried out. 

The results of clinical trials. 

Clinical trials were conducted on 55 people who had increased foot sweating. After applying STOPPOT, patients were checked by a dermatologist within the next 4 days after the procedure, and then every week for a period of 2 months. The results of clinical trials are as follows: 

    * 81.8% of people achieved a very good effect after a single use of the preparation;
    * in 12.7% of patients a good effect was obtained after a single use of the preparation, and after repeated treatment after about 3-4 weeks, a very good effect; 
    * no significant improvement was observed in 5.5% of subjects; 
    * no negative effects of the preparation were observed. 

Survey results. 

The survey covered a group of 177 soldiers who declared increased foot sweating and applied STOPPOT. The evaluation of its effectiveness was as follows: 

    * 88.1% of people considered the effect to be very good after a single use of the preparation; 
    * 9.1% of people achieved a good effect after the first use and a very good effect after using the preparation twice; 
    * 2.8% of people did not notice any significant improvement.

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