Allergoff house dust allergens neutralizer spray 300ml - allergen

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  • Allergen neutralizer. Allergoff In families where they live with allergies should be used with maximum protection against allergens. Neutralizer house dust allergens Allergoff in the form of a spray can help you get rid of pathogenic particles from your home.

methylcellulose, poly (vinyl alcohol), citric acid, isopropyl myristate, benzyl benzoate, colloidal silica.

House dust is actually a mixture of pathogenic allergens such as dust mites, animal dander, pollen and mold spores. He loves to accumulate in the plush toys, mattresses, upholstered furniture and carpets. It's hard to just get rid of these objects from everyday life, which is why allergy brand Allergoff offers another solution. Neutralizer house dust allergens used for spraying places that have the highest concentration of allergens, which reduces the risk of tightening the course of allergy or reduces the risk of its possible development. Keep in mind that avoiding allergens is one of the pillars of allergy treatment! Allergoff spray neutralizes allergens and reduces the risk of inhalation. The product maintains efficacy of up to 6 months after application. One pack (300ml) is sufficient for spraying the surface to about 40m2.

Allergoff dust mite allergen neutralizer recommended for use in patients with a diagnosis of allergic disease as a means of contributing to the alleviation of the symptoms (allergic cough, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic eczema). Can be used in patients with atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, chronic allergic conjunctivitis. To be used for spraying, among others, beds, curtains, carpets, plush toys.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product.

Use according to instructions on the package.