Ambulex latex gloves, non-sterile powder free size M x 100 pieces


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  • Latex gloves. Powder-free gloves coated with a polymer latex Ambulex. Flexible and durable, will prove as effective protection when performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Gloves size M.

Operation and use:
The material from which the gloves is latex rubber. Surgical gloves, may also be used non-sterile when tested with material contaminated or infectious waste. Latex is distinguished by a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength. Powdered gloves are their inner side is coated with polymer, so that their setting, even on a wet hand is not difficult. Gloves at the ends of the fingers are rough, and this facilitates the capture of a variety of tools. Universal shape glove fits both hands. Another way to use the product is to use it to perform some housework.

The product to act as intended.

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