Anuran stone balsam for the joints tube 50g arthritis and rheumatism, spinal stenosis, leg pain


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Arthritis and rheumatism. Anuran stone balsam for the joints tube 50g recovery of cells in the joint
pharmachologic effect
Cposobstvuet acceleration of regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and energy supply and recovery of cells in the joint and muscle tissues.
Anuran stone balsam for the joints
Balsam is used:
To get rid of "aches" of the joints, which is caused by the change of weather.
To get rid of muscle and joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, sciatica.
To remove the swelling and fatigue, muscle tension relaxation.
For a quick recovery of the affected tissues in the post-traumatic period (sprains, bruises, fractures).
It is recommended to apply to people over 50 years of age for the prevention of various diseases and immune system support.
Product form
Tube '50
Active ingredients
Balsam "anuran stone" made from specially selected plant extracts which are used in folk medicine and homeopathy for strengthening and rehabilitation of muscle and joint tissues. The main component of balsam - an extract of the fruit zhabnika.
As part of the balsam gum, containing a valuable component - the calcium salt arabikovoy acid that powerfully activates the calcium-phosphorus metabolism and well regulated tissue permeability. Part of the preparation camelina oil extract contains a record number of vitamin E as well as vitamins A, K, D, so that helps restore cells in muscle and joint tissues, accelerate the adjustment of energy supply and carbohydrate metabolism.
Balm relieves local pain in muscles and joints, the joints of patients with tumor resolves, prevents the accumulation of salts, normalizes the volume of active movements, relaxes muscle tension, quickly restores the cartilage and bone in the post-injury.
Camelina oil (seeds), water, emulsifier, hondrotin, vegetable oil, dimethicone, petrolatum, higher fatty alcohols, propylene glycol, water-alcohol extract of cinquefoil, methyl paraben, aqueous alcoholic extract Chistyakov, liposentol, propyl, chlorophyll E141, Perfume.
Possible product name:
Anuran stone with false flax oil biobalzam activating tube 50g Russia.

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