Apple Gold x 30 capsules, organic apple cider vinegar


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  • Apple Gold is a modern dietary supplement containing apple cider vinegar and the ingredients perfectly affecting the body during use dieting and for the regulation of metabolic processes. The preparation for adults.

Apple cider vinegar 200.00 mg, concentrate asparagus 50.00 mg, 3.75 mg Niacin, Pantothenic Acid 1.25 mg, 0.025 mg Folic Acid, Biotin 0.025 mg, 0.275 mg of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 0.375 mg, Vitamin B6 0.4 mg, 0.0005 mg vitamin B12. Activity: Apple Gold formulation capsules containing valuable plant components which perfectly support metabolic processes in the body. The Apple Gold, includes among other things, vinegar, which contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is a stimulator of metabolic processes - which is extremely important when using weight loss diets. The composition can also find asparagus, which contain many vital substances such as saponins, vitamins C and E, provitamin A, B vitamins, folic acid and zinc, and molybdenum. The whole preparation Apple Gold, not only supports the metabolism and faster weight loss with a well-balanced diet, but also strengthens the nerves, stimulates the liver and kidneys and supports natural resistance. Applications: Apple Gold, the slimming capsules.They supplement their diet with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that affect the metabolic processes in the body. Usage: Adults - 2 capsules orally 1-2 times a day. Before a meal with liquid.

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