AVENE Ystheal + Anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes and lips 15ml

Pierre Fabre

£28.99 £40.00

  • Avene Ystheal + anti-wrinkle cream under the eyes, is an innovative, gentle to the skin cosmetics, which prevents and corrects the signs of aging caused by sunlight or physiology. Contains Pre-tocopheryl and Retinaldehyde CT

thermal water Avene 5%
Retinaldehyde CT 0.015%
Pre-tocopheryl 0.025%
Base Nutritional 12%
Without fragrances Action: Avene Ystheal + anti-wrinkle cream under the eyes, thanks to the combination of two patented active ingredients - Pre-tocopheryl and Retinaldehyde CT perfectly smooths fine lines, reduces deep and prevents sagging skin.Cosmetics does not burden the delicate skin around the eyes, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin elastic and supple. After 10 days of use, wrinkles are reduced, the skin around the eyes is smoothed and firmed. Look recovers youthful glow. Usage: Ysthéal + cream should be applied morning or evening, gently patting the skin around the eyes in the direction from the inner to the outer. In the case of the very sensitive skin of applicability it is recommended to apply sunscreen every other day. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

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