CANDIVAC x 30 capsules, bladder infection symptoms


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  • CANDIVAC is a dietary supplement in capsule form, which acting from the inside, restores the natural pH of the pubic area and supports the functioning of the urogenital tract. Improves resistance.

1 capsule contains 5 mg lyophilisate active substances Candida albicans lysatum cryodesiccatum, Candida crusei lysatum cryodesiccatum, Candida glabrata lysatum cryodesiccatum, Propionibacterium acnes lysatum cryodesiccatum.

The preparation belongs to the broad category of dietary supplements. It contains strains of microorganisms that help the functioning of the urogenital tract. Limit the likelihood of infection and irritation combat bacteria and fungi, and also aid the process of regeneration and wound healing. In addition, preparation restores acidic pH intimate surroundings.

Use in order to support the functioning of the urogenital tract, in order to maintain a healthy bacterial microflora.

For oral use 1 kaps./24h fasting for 10 days, then make a 20 day break and then take 10 days.

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