Hialeye Free Complex eye drops without preservatives 10ml, preservative free eye drops


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  • Preservative free eye drops Hialeye Free Complex eye drops without preservatives has a strong moisturizing and soothing. It brings a clear relief zaczerwienionym and irritated eyes. Antioxidant properties.

Distilled water chamomile, hamamelis distilled water, distilled water of bilberry, distilled water with wąkrotki Asian, sodium hyaluronate, boric acid, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, sodium chloride, sodium edetate, and water for injection.
It contains no preservatives.

Hialeye Free Complex eye drops without preservatives is a product that is beneficial for the state of eyesight. Sodium hyaluronate has the features mukomimetycznych. Works binding and wiskoelastycznie, which increases the stability of the tear film of the eye. As a result, it protects the surface and ensure proper hydration.Natural water with chamomile soothes irritation. It relieves redness and eye fatigue. It shows a proven anti-inflammatory properties. Bilberry is a source of antioxidant flavonoids acting. It reduces inflammation and stabilizes the collagen. It is responsible for the regeneration of rhodopsin. Wirgilijski witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) effectively cools and pulls. It helps to soothe reddened or tired eyes. Wąkrotka Asian (Centella Asiatica) streamlines the process of blood flow. At the same time strengthens the veins and capillaries. Limits edematous states. Hialeye Free Complex eye drops without preservatives are intended for topical use.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

Use preparation for signs of irritation or eyestrain related to eg. The external factors (wind, water, frost, sun, air conditioning) also featured in inflammation of the conjunctiva and frequent wear contact lenses.

Apply topically. It is recommended applying one drop of each conjunctival sac. This procedure must be repeated x 1-3 / 24.

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