Hydrogen peroxide 100g prevents the growth of bacteria that cause infections


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  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution of disinfectant properties, which forms the basis of every home medicine cabinet. Hydrogen peroxide applied to a wound or other damage to the skin surface effectively prevents the growth of bacteria that cause infections.

Hydrogenii peroxidum (hydrogen peroxide) 30% - 10.0 g (stabilized 1- hydroxyetano 1,1 - bisphosphonic - 10 mg / l disodium diphosphate - 100 mg / l) Purified water 90.0 g.

Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide solution are well known and commonly used - both at home and in health centers and medical care formulation with disinfectant properties. Hydrogen peroxide used directly resulting from trauma wound or other skin damage and effectively disinfects, and thus prevents reproduction of the wound pathogenic bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide solution is also sometimes used as a mouthwash for the treatment of inflammation of oral and periodontal diseases.

Hydrogen peroxide is a solution of a germicidal effect.

How to use:
For cleaning wounds it used undiluted directly on the wound. Mouthwash: dilute 1 teaspoon of preparation (approx. 5 mL) in a glass of water (approx. 250 mL). Applying one to several times a day.

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