PROSPAN 35mg/5ml syrup 100ml. Chronic Inflammatory Bronchial UK Stock Hedelix

Engelhard Arzneimittel

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PROSPAN 35mg/5ml syrup 100ml. Symptoms in Chronic Inflammatory Bronchial (Hedelix) 
Prospan is a triple action cough syrup that liquefies thick mucus, opens up constricted airways and calms coughing. 
Prospan combats the typical complaints of bronchitis (increased formation of viscous mucus, shortness of breath and irritation of the throat). 
Troublesome and painful coughing is calmed, but not blocked, which is important for being able to cough up the mucus and thereby allow for trouble-free deep breathing. 
Prospan is extremely well-tolerated and may be combined with other medicines as it has no known interactions. 
Prospan is sugar-free, alcohol-free and colourant-free and is suitable for use in diabetics, infants as well as competitive athletes.
Prospan is marketed by Austell Laboratories (Pty) Ltd under license of Engelhard Arzneimittel in Germany.
List of active substances and quantities: 
100 ml of syrup contains 0.7 g of dried ivy leaf extract (5-7,5:1) extracting material: 30% ethyl alcohol (by weight), 0.134 g of potassium sorbido (preservative). 
Ethyl alcohol (30%) is used in order to get out of the ivy leaf extract effective therapeutic ekstraktą.Vėliau drying alcohol disappears. 
Excipients. Anhydrous citric acid, xanthan gum, flavoring, 70% sorbitol solution. 2.5 ml (approximately 1arbatiniame spoon) is 0.963 g sugar substitute sorbitol, which corresponds to 0.08 BU. 
The indications
Acute respiratory inflammation , accompanied by cough ; chronic bronchial inflammatory diseases , symptomatic treatment. 
Information you need to know before taking
As a precautionary provision , pregnancy and breast-feeding medication should be used only after consultation with your doctor. 
Instructions for use
Dosage . If your doctor specifies otherwise, infants and young children may be given orally 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, for school-age children and teens - 2 teaspoons 3 times a day and adult patients - 2-3 teaspoons of syrup 3 times a day .
Before the drug vial should be shaken well
The duration of treatment . The duration of treatment depends on the symptoms and their severity .
However, the treatment , and justifies the small airway inflammation , should last at least one week. To ensure the success of the treatment , cure Prospan cough syrup is still at least 2-3 days after the disappearance of symptoms . Then , when symptoms persist or impaired breathing , Fever , atkosti purulent or sputum with blood impurity , seek immediate medical attention .
Rarely, due to the presence of sorbitol at Prospan cough syrup can cause a laxative effect. 
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