STYMEN 10mg x 60 tablets, best male performance pills


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  • Stymen is a product created for male health and sexual performance men after the age of 40. Stymen effectively promotes physical fitness male body and affects well-being.

1 tablet contains 10mg Prasteronum (prasterone).

Stymen, is a very popular and effective preparation, which was developed with the aim of men over 40 years of age, in whom there may be shortages prasterone affecting the physical and sexual body.Stymen, it affects the quality of sexual life of men and helps to maintain satisfaction with sexual intercourse without worrying about the good condition.

Orally, during a meal. The drug is recommended to be taken once daily in the morning. Dosage should be adjusted to a concentration of prasterone levels and efficacy. The recommended starting dose for men is 10 mg / day (1 tablet), the maximum dose of 50 mg / day (5 tablets). The initial dose should be titrated (10 mg / day every 2 weeks) until the desired therapeutic effects. The product is intended for long term use, the effects are visible after several weeks of use.Explore the properties of the drug described in the leaflet before use.  

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