Thealoz 10ml Spectrum Thea Preservative Free for Dry Eye drops UK


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Thealoz ® 10ml Spectrum Thea Preservative Free for Dry Eye Protect & Hydrate
Thealoz® (trehalose 3%)
A new approach to Dry Eye Management
Thealoz® is a new concept in Dry Eye management that comes from nature. It has a novel mode of action which may enable trehalose to address different causes of 
Trehalose - we learn from watching nature
Thealoz® contains trehalose -  a unique natural disaccharide that is known to improve cell water management, avoid cell membrane lipid oxidation and protein 
denaturation and to preserve epithelial cell life in dry conditions.
Thealoz® works by protecting the cells of the cornea and conjunctiva and giving resistance to dryness.
Customer Reviews
Diane Johnson - Amazing!
My eye specialist gave me a sample bottle of Thealoz and I found them brilliant. I have suffered from Thyroid Eye Disease and one of the symptoms is extremely dry eyes. I found the drops amazing.
Elizabeth Osborne - Brilliant!
I think it is great. I am going to see specialist on Friday going to ask for a script
Michael J Branagan-Harris - Brilliant! - What a change to other drops.
These are simply the best out there. I wear large RGP lenses (SoClears) and these are the icing on the cake. I put 3 drops into the lenses for all day comfort. In 
addition these drops are great for travelling especially on aircraft and when you land in a hot & dry humid place then great for refresh
gcf – Recommended.
Have been using several other preservative-free products over last 9 months.  This is more convenient (no capsules), lasts longer (less frequent applications), more 
effective (no irritation). Have already bought 4 more!
Steve Williams - Thealoz eye drops.
I found Thealoz drops easy to use, very light and non greasy. They gave me instant relief from dry eyes and no irritation or blurring.
Sharilyn Sutter - Best yet!
Noticeably mild to the eye.  No stinging at all, just a cool wash.  Instant relief and overnight clearing of any redness. Eyes are bright and white in the A.M.
Thealoz® and the ABAK® system
Thealoz® is Preservative-free, Phosphate-free, Isotonic  and pH neutral making it suitable for all Dry Eye patients including those that wear contact lenses. It is 
presented in the ABAK® system providing up to 8 weeks of treatment in a multiuse bottle that is no bigger than a single unit dose. 
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